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In addition to in-person and virtual coaching options, Sophisticated Image Consulting, LLC. offers additional services.

These are available upon request - please register and then, use the Contact, Book Online, or Plans & Pricing tabs to submit a request for these services. 

If you need additional information or would like a quote, please email

Dating Coach


We offer 15 to 60 minute sessions to address your questions, concerns, and help you prepare. You decide what works best for your needs and your schedule. 

Volunteer Using Sign Language

Social Impact

Need help finding or defining your Social Impact, Platform, or Community Service? We can help you narrow in on the right opportunity and define your goals.

Online Conference


One of the critical skills in professional and pageant life - is knowing how to navigate an interview. Use your next coaching session to help you prepare.

Curriculum Vitae


From a simple review to a complete overhaul - we can help you personalize your resume. 

On the Phone

Social Media

Defining your brand and social media strategy can help get you noticed. It also never hurts to review what's out there - judges and employers are looking... make sure you're putting your best self forward.

Public Speaker

Public Speaking

Having the right story to tell and plan in place can go a long way. We can help with prep, speech writing & review, and rehearsal.

Checking Text on a Document

Paperwork Review

An extra set of eyes never hurts! We can review and provide feedback you can use to improve.

Office Employees

Personal Brand

Having a personal and professional brand identity is important. Making sure your wardrobe and appearance match your brand can help make sure you're sending the right message.

Jewelery Site Web Design


Need a website or updates to an existing website? We offer review and design services to help you get started or get you more aligned to your brand.

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