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Hair & Make Up

Personalized Make Up & Skin Care 

A good skin care routine is important to your overall appearance. There are several brands that are noteworthy; however, Mary Kay associates can help connect you to both skin care needs and help you create your perfect look. 

Please feel free to use the link provided to view, shop, and contact my Mary Kay representative.

Hair Care

 ** Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. **

Let's start with shampoo - having the appearance of full hair is a plus! One of my personal favorites is starting my routine with a volumizing shampoo. If you have fine or thin hair like me, opt for oil free versions - these weigh your hair down. 

Remember, if you have color treated or other hair concerns to factor those into your purchase. 

Hair Prep 

Using a Dry Shampoo can help add volume and absorb any oil that may not have been rinsed away during wash. Apply this at the roots and work into the ends. 

Be careful to brush and blend this into your hair - most products are white and can build up in your hair over time. If you have darker hair, check out the for brunette products. 


You can use hot rollers, curling irons, or wands to create your curls.


If you use an iron or a wand, you will also want to pin the curls to help them last a little longer. As soon as you take them off the iron, pin the curl up and let it cool while pinned. I like using the pins with a foam-like padding to help minimize dents or crimping.


Of course you'll want to use hair spray to lock in your look, but don't forget to add a little extra shine!


Depending on your hair type, you may want or need a more firm holding spray. One of the key things to look for is a volume hairspray.

Also - notice some brands include a hair spray and shine in one (Like Sexy Hair). The shine spray helps manage frizz, fly aways, and adds that extra glossy finish that helps you shine on and off the stage.

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